Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM-N971 and SM-N976

Samsung is the giant product of home and electronic items but, as for a smartphone is the concern, it is good to name in the mobile industry, Samsung releases its Galaxy S series, it’s the most famous and continuously releasing Samsung their latest models, now in 2019 Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung Galaxy S10X. So we are here to share you different Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM-N971 and SM-N976.

Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM N971 and SM N976 1
Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM N971 and SM N976 1

moreover, Samsung always releasing its galaxy series smartphone along with galaxy note series too, In this time has changed now there are 4 different models for galaxy note 10. There are differences between in 4 models shapes and screen size, The standard Galaxy 10 introducing with 6.75-inches originally,

Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM-N971 and SM-N976

another series will be much smaller such as 6.75 inches then 6.28 inches. but, Samsung does not compromise their quality in variants set these are fully loaded with 5G technology.

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This model number and the variant thing gets more confused when we further categorize this device region-wise. Anyhow, to save you from all the confusion we have compiled a list of different variants of Galaxy Note 10 which Samsung is going to offer. But before we dive into the variants and model numbers list, let’s take a peek in the Galaxy Note 10 Specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs

As we have told you, the originally standard galaxy note 10 coming with large full HD screen up to 6.75-inch. another model much smaller version up to 6.28-inch. both are smartphones dynamic AMOLED Screen.

There is another technology equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which is the latest technology based in both galaxy note 10. both are based on the triple camera feature dual shooter on the front.

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moreover, the chipset is snapdragon 855 SoCs and Exynos 9820 with 8GB of RAM and 12 GB of ram. internal storage options will be 128GB/512GB and 1TB.

Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number
Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number

Only two Galaxy Note 10 Model Numbers are revealed at the moment. And two different Model Numbers confirms different variants. The Galaxy Note 10 with 6.75-inch screen size is tagged with SM-N975 as a model number,

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while it’s 5G variant will carry SM-N976 as a model number. Same is the case with a 6.28-inch variant, normal Galaxy Note 10 will have Model Number SM-N970 while its 5G variant is going to have the model number SM- N971.

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We have shared you the Samsung Note 10 Variants Model number SM-N971 and SM-N976 where we have shared both model differences and other differences in galaxy note 10 v/s galaxy note 10 variants. I hope you will like our efforts if you like don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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