How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures [Facebook Trick]

How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures [Facebook Trick] 2022: Hello Guys, If you have friends you must want to see their private pictures for entertainment, Specially, on Facebook social media so today we are here to share with your a very simple method where you can see your friends, colleagues, family one’s picture photos.

As you know we always need some privacy, and Facebook provides us with high-level private settings in every account on ‘view Facebook private photo‘ to help users to hide and lock their profile pictures from others.

moreover, there are very restricted permissions from the FB private photo network, no one can view any private/secure images/pictures to other people, This setting is pretty necessary to use looking at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown users/stranger is not able to get access to your profile picture or other albums.

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Here you can learn simple facebook tricks by the help you can view easily see private photos of your friends,

How to View FB Private Photo Viewer Pictures [Facebook Trick]

  1. First of all open the timeline which you want to See, Now you need a Username or Profile ID of the person whose profile picture you want to see.
  2. Just copy the Username and Profile ID in notepad or anywhere are the URL.
  3. Then replace the Paste-username-here from the below-given link with the Username or profile ID.
  5. Then it will look like as below:
  7. If User ID “TechHubb” does not work then you have to get the numeric User ID from here
  8. You just put your desired Facebook ID to get a Numeric ID like see below picture.
  9. Then  Press the Find numeric ID Button for Facebook private photo viewer.
  10. Now you will get the numeric ID to look like “100000684357663” then just altered it like below
  12. Now copy the link and paste them into the new tab of the browser.
  13. Just press the enter and view private Facebook pictures scanner.
  14. enjoy private photo viewer facebook hidden photo viewer.

Note: This guide is for educational purposes only !! Don’t miss using anyone’s photos.


It’s all about viewing private FB private pictures for entertainment purposes only, I hope you will get the fun while seeing your best friend’s private picture, but according to FB policy it is prohibited to see any user privacy, so don’t misuse it, if you like our post share this post with your friends,

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